mope io is a crazy multiplayer online casual game.  In this game, you need to control your characters and eat other creatures to survive.  The more you eat, the faster you evolve.  Come here for a challenge and change from a mouse to a dragon.’s game operations

In, you can use the left mouse button to let your game character move on the map and eat to maintain daily life.’s gameplay

In, you will start with a little mouse and grow up and evolve by eating always.  Because it is a multiplayer game, there are many enemies you need to face on the battlefield. Therefore, while you continue your survival ability, you should also prevent the enemy from attacking and hurting and protect yourself from infringement, because if you do not stop, you may become the belly of your contemporaries.  Eating regularly here can make you stronger and better destroy your enemies and become the master of the game.’s game features

It includes many kinds of animals for playing, including many rare animals.  Secondly, you need water to maintain your life, so don’t forget to drink when eating.  You can also plant food in to ensure your material reserves. is a real game of the jungle.  You must continuously eat in the game to be able to grow and upgrade yourself.  Only in this way can we have the strength to fight against the enemy and not become the dish of your opponent.  However, the Bloons tower defense is somewhat different from the former in the style of active attack. It focuses on security.  You must arrange your troops accurately to use the correct strategy to kill the enemy before attacking.  However, if there is a flaw in your defense, the enemy may have an opportunity.

Cosplay girls is a self-designed game where you can play your talents and fashion ideas.  Design and match in all aspects;  Of course, if you want to do some meticulous work, you must not miss the color by number. Here you only need to fill in the corresponding color by name.  As long as you are careful enough, your painting will be the best one.

Insisting that RPG 2(stick RPG 2) is a super-world adventure game, you must blend into this new world, find your place through your wisdom, and collect all kinds of cultural relics to achieve a puzzle-solving journey.